Two wrongs don’t make a right

The fiesty and outspoken owner of Marcy’s Diner is taking the internet by storm. Must have been a slow news week. Cause really, is this news?

It’s a classic case of she said/she said. Diner owner claims that a toddler screamed for an hour due to lack of pancakes and parental intervention. Mom to toddler claims it was only ten minutes and they were on their way out anyway. Cue the Mom on Mom and girl on girl shaming and proselytizing about parenting.

Not that anyone asked me, but here is what I think: two wrongs don’t make a right. Both the diner owner and the mother were wrong in this situation.

Diner Owner

  • Screaming at a child is never ok.
  • Screaming at a child that is not yours is doubly not ok.
  • You run a business. Act like a businesswoman, not an annoyed onlooker.
  • Smiles diffuse tension.
  • Problem solve instead of shaming.
  • Offer smaller pancakes on a smaller plate. “More juice or milk? Can I move you to a more secluded table where you will have more space for the little one?”
  • Your behavior dictates how your staff will act. Your staff now thinks it is ok to yell at customers.

Parents (because by all accounts there was a dad there, too. Huh. NO ONE is talking about him!)

  • Snacks. For god’s sake, snacks!
  • Sippy cups!
  • Even if your precious one was only crying for ten minutes, that is still a long time. Reverse the roles. Would you be tolerant of a screaming kid if you were out to breakfast? No, you wouldn’t. You say you would, but you’re lying.
  • Your child might be the center of your universe, but your child is not the center of the universe. Please teach her this before she comes to college and I have to advise her.
  • Age appropriate toys for kiddo to play with.
  • Books. Crayons.
  • Stand up and walk around restaurant. Point out pictures on the walls.
  • Go outside. Ok, you said it was raining. And? Last time I checked no toddler melted from rain.

Parenting is HARD. Taking your children out to eat is HARD, but it can be done. But both sides need to bend. This Marcy’s Diner bit is a case of ignorance on both sides.

Now I want pancakes. And bacon. And coffee.

Is it time to go home, yet?

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