Third base side

Both our boys are playing baseball this season. Here are my observations from sitting on the sidelines, freezing my buns off (it’s Michigan), cheering them on:

  1. Thank you to the numerous women (yeah! You go ladies) and men who are coaching. It is a huge time commitment and I appreciate your efforts.
  2. There is a lot of touching involved in coaching. Moving kids around, showing them how to stand, how to hold the bat, etc. The level of trust that parents have in coaches should never be understated or underestimated.
  3. If you haven’t volunteered to coach, despite the numerous requests (who are we kidding, they beg you), then you are no longer entitled to an opinion.
  4. Your role as parent is now cheerleader. Sit there and cheer. Positively.
  5. I am very, very grateful for the people in our community. I have yet to meet a jerky sports parent.
  6. Athleticism is a gift that cannot be taught. Your child either has it or he doesn’t.
  7. As early as first grade the kids know who the athletes are. So do all the parents.
  8. Hard work and sportsmanship are better measures of character than athletic ability.
  9. As third and fourth graders, kids still root for each other. “Let’s go, John!” clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.
  10. Meanness is learned behavior.
  11. It’s hard when your kid strikes out.
  12. When my boys are up to bat, they look fearless yet small and it takes my breath away.

Here’s wishing for a fun, healthy, safe, season. Play ball!

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