Five year olds really know best

While snuggling with my sick five year old son this weekend, we started to chat about the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities. I asked him what his favorite part of the holiday was. He said, “Giving thanks!”  He said it with such confidence that it was like, “duh Mom. Of course that is the best part.” He then proceeded to tell me what he is most thankful for:

Willy (his cat)



My house


My blankets and stuffies






After this list I said, “C. you are very wise.” To which he replied, “You mean like Obi Kenobi?”

And there you have it. The simple things are not things. They are the best “things.”

Snuggle with a five year old every chance you get. You will be better for it.

One thought on “Five year olds really know best

  1. Some of the best conversations I ever had were with nieces and nephews at roughly this age. They’re now growing up with college on their horizons and I wonder if they, themselves, could benefit from the wisdom of some 5 year olds. I know I always can. Thank /you/.


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