Sick of all this cancer?

Sick of all this cancer?

Nicole Scobie blogs about her adventures in “Cancerland and Switzerland.” This most recent post is spot on. Please take a few moments to watch Erin (who is battling DIPG) and then read Nicole’s post about Erin’s mom Amanda and the reaction of her “friends.”

Kids with cancer need your financial support. They need research for them. They need all of us to teach our children about friendship, love, caring for those who are injured or sick, and loyalty.

Parents of children with cancer need your compassion, empathy, and listening ear, not your pity.

One thought on “Sick of all this cancer?

  1. Thanks Monica! You made me laugh with the image of alcohol swabs and syringes on the floor… Ahhh memories. Haha! Thanks for reposting. Love your blog too, I’ve been following for a while. Nicole Scobie


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